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A place for fans of San Diego singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to call home.
Mraz Info
Official Website - News, tour schedule, Jason's blog, his Instagram feed and everything else you'd expect from an artist's website. The Mraz team updates it regularly and it's always changing. They recently did a complete design overhaul that went live in early November so be sure to stop by.
Jason's Twitter - Jason's official twitter feed. Unlike many artists, Mraz actually posts to twitter himself, so you'll get all manner of updates including pictures, travel stories and alerts to new blog posts.
RKOP - The Jason Mraz fan community hub. This is the prime place for all things Mraz with a number of very active users and frequent visits from people in the Mraz camp. If it's Mraz related, it's on RKOP.
RKOP Twitter - The Mraz fan twitter feed, run by a member of Jason's management team and RKOP admin Philly. A great place to get questions answered and get up to the minute information on tour dates, ticket sales and the like. One of the best fan community twitter accounts going.
CommonPleasure.org - An awesome fan site set up by a long-time Mraz fan with tons of great info, setlists, news updates, the most complete song-list out there and some awesome tunes and videos available for download. You have to sign up to download, but it's free and I can vouch for the site owner as being a solid dude.
Jason Mraz LJ Community - It's not terribly active, but there's still lots of good info there.

Mraz Media
Jason Mraz on Archive.org - Jason has always had a very open taping policy and many of his shows over the years have been recorded by a devoted troop of tapers who can't be thanked enough. Shows date all the way back to the early 2000s and new shows go up all the time. The files on Archive are in lossless format so they may need to be converted to be played but Archive offers a great FAQ to explain how and if you still have trouble I'm sure someone around here can help.
Mraz Youtube - It used to be a much more robust collection of videos before Youtube and the record companies got into a squabble a couple of years ago, but there are still some great clips here and it looks like there may be more in the future.
The Uncle Crispy Videos - An awesome collection of early Mraz show videos recorded by a devoted fan in the early 2000s. They make for a great introduction to early Mraz with very good sound and video quality. Easier than sifting through all the crap on Youtube.
Juggleboy720's Mraz Audio/Video Collection - My personal online collection of a few hundred Mraz tunes and clips ranging from rarely played live recordings to unreleased demos, all available for free download. I've been adding to this folder since '05 and its contents have evolved from a place to keep lesser known tunes to a repository for anything I think fans might find interesting but may not have the resources or know how to obtain. If you're interested in some Mraz music that you may not have heard before, this is a great place to start. The link takes you to a journal page with a full list of available songs with a link to the online folder containing the files. I only ask that if you download anything you leave a comment.